Best Yo-yo Walk the Dog Video EVER!

Learn to Walk the Dog with a yo-yo. It’s THE most famous yo-yo trick there is, and the one everyone wants to learn and see. We’ve heard of many a marriage that came about as the direct result of learning this trick.*


First make sure you can throw a good, long Sleeper.  Once you can do that, all you have to do is throw a fast sleeper, very gently set the yo-yo down on the ground, let it walk in front of you, and then give it a sharp tug to bring it back up to your hand.



– Make sure that you start walking the yo-yo right next to you, or in front of you.  If you start it out behind you, as the yo-yo walks forward there will be slack in the string and the yo-yo could come back up too soon.

– Set the yo-yo down on the ground gently so it doesn’t pop right back up.

– The faster the yo-yo is spinning, the farther it will walk.  See how far you can go.


*not true.